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Biscuit Recipe megathread!
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 20 11:21 pm    Post subject:  Reply with quote    

coffee and hazelnut biscotti

some bits are stated for a wide set of reaction parameters, some others will be specific to your kit and conditions.

110gm caster sugar
1 beaten egg
110gm plain soft flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoons "espresso" style instant coffee
1 tablespoon ground coffee
the original uses far less but this works far better

100gm good dark chocolate
that can be for immediate use or any time up to a month later if the biscotti are stored in a dark airtight thing until dressed

pre heat oven to "moderate" 180/190c in most ovens

whisk sugar and egg
stir in flour, baking powder and coffees
mix to sticky dough
roll into 20cm log
place on greased oven tray

bake approx 25 mins until firm/lightly browned
rest ten mins

reduce oven temp to "slow moderate" 150/160c

slice log , diagonally into 1 cm slices
put on ungreased tray
bake approx 25 mins or until dry and crispy turning once
cool on wire rack

you should have 18 full ones and 2 end corners as cooks perks

glaze one side with chocolate (no more than a week before eating see keep well above)

i know it says keeps well but not round here they get eaten asap as they are rather nice

they are a good one for making multiple batches and then doing the chocolate to all before setting them free or a pretty good cupboard biscuit chocolate or not

ps it seems a lot of coffee but it works out pretty well for flavour and they are not speed crackers(the coffee profiteroles are a very different matter )


Joined: 02 Jul 2005
Posts: 37959
Location: yes
PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 20 12:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote    

i will enquire of sd if she has any good suggestions, her macaron are top notch but very labour-intensive, delicate to transport and have a shelf life of hours.
she makes plenty of other things, but those are really ace, iirc there are choccy dickies ( what a difference a b makes, oops but:lol: ) among the repertoire

i have a favourite bicky that many do not care for but perhaps they do not appreciate the nutritional/calorific value of them

i know the basic ingredients and have most of them, i will do a bit of R and D then say nowt, admit defeat or pop up a suitable recipe.

a meal you can dunk a few of in a cuppa in a few mins might be handy for busy folk

it should be easy to "improve" the originals in assorted ways to make them "fancy" if long term storage is not the first design criteria, eye appeal and universally "delicious" are not central to the originals as they are rather bland and hard to most palettes but better nutrition than most "snacks".

i will report on progress:wink:

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